[publication.] cozyfiles producer Collin Storke makes Complex

Collin Storke, associate media producer for cozyfiles, touches down on Complex.com. “16 New Artists To Look Out For in 2019” by Complex ” Connecticut artist Snowprah’s “Yank Riddim” feels like one of those hits that, even after six months, still hasn’t really clicked the way it could. The song is raw and a little discombobulated, […]

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am i happy?
will i ever be?
is that what i
am tirelessly chasing
day after day
we have one
become happy.
accomplish 'goals'.
when we do,
we still feel


empty. colton reschke. strophes. a collection. 3.
i've been so void.

in a world

littered with gold.

what is gold to you?
is it the wealth and prosperity

or the happiness and joyousness 

maybe even the...


...thought of going to sleep

with but a single thought on your mind

no labyrinths being transversed

at the wee hours of the night.

so we all say good night.

but what is a good night?

is it endless dreaming

or being so lucid you are transcieving 

with your inner self.

no wealth.

no health.

just pure , induced , fantasies.
cameron curtis. strophes. a collection. 2.