*note* if you’re on a mobile device, tilt your phone..

the creations you are about to witness have not yet been explored... 

...nor envisioned.
                           a digital museum.
                     a collective; more than one.
                            ...blast off...

1) this collective focuses solely upon our thoughts 
and nothing else 
but that,
     a. we are visionaries; this is our movement.
     b. this kind of thing has killed people... trying something new.

2) please be patient, hold your tongue and pay attention. you are 
witnessing something greater than that being of which embodies you.

3) backwards. starting now...

4) continue on to ... -museum.- ...

...5) the plan you may ask... "tbd"

6) the recipe is in the sky; just look up.

7) ourselves: do not get it twisted with ones self, this is a locally 
confined group, limited to nothing but our imagination.

8) the artists involved all have a vision, a defining moment in 
ones lives that have taught them all they know up until.

                        -thank you for participating-
                           @cozyfiles | collective

definiton /.
"cozy                     files"

or co·sy, co·zey, co·zie fy·ls

[koh-zee] . noun,adjective,more . [fahyls]

 -perfectly imperfect meticulous, hand crafted visions being
  brought to life before the worlds slowly blinding eyes-