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the creations you are about to witness have not yet been explored... 

...nor envisioned.
                           a digital safe haven.
                             ...blast off...
     cozyfiles music group is a full-scale hybrid artist development, 
record label, and production company based in the U.S. 

cozyfiles is essentially a creative safe haven. 

     An umbrella for artists to thrive under.

We eliminate a lot of the behind-the-scenes hassles, 
problems, and tasks that then allow artists to focus & 
operate at their fullest potential. 

     We specialize in multi-media content creation including music videos, 
brand campaigns, photography, and music production. 

Other areas of expertise include musical artist development and 
digital marketing.

the plan you may ask... "tbd"

the recipe is in the sky; just look up.

                        -thank you for participating-
                     @cozyfiles | cozyfiles music group.

definiton /.
"cozy                     files"

or co·sy, co·zey, co·zie fy·ls

[koh-zee] . noun,adjective,more . [fahyls]

 -perfectly imperfect meticulous, hand crafted visions being
  brought to life before the worlds slowly blinding eyes-