Collin Storke, associate media producer for cozyfiles, touches down on

“16 New Artists To Look Out For in 2019”

by Complex

photo by collin storke [cozyfiles]
photo by collin storke

Connecticut artist Snowprah’s “Yank Riddim” feels like one of those hits that, even after six months, still hasn’t really clicked the way it could. The song is raw and a little discombobulated, but that’s part of the charm, and while it doesn’t feel like a polished radio-ready smash, the addictive nature of it is undeniable, and the video is pure, contagious energy.

“Yank Riddim” is the breakout hit that hasn’t quite broken (yet), but 2019 has more in store for the charismatic Snowprah. First of all, French Montana is a big fan and may be involved in her upcoming mixtape. On top of that, she’s working with Lykke Li—and unlikely but incredible collaboration choice.

Right now, Snowprah is a wild card, but between “Yank Riddim,” French Montana, and Lykke li, it’s hard to imagine 2019 not being a good one for this up-and-comer.
photo by collin storke