[synopsis.] Staten Island artist Bobbynice turns up on Long Island

17 year old Port Richmond rapper, Bobbynice! made an unexpected appearance at a Long Island hip-hop showcase show. After all the scheduled artists performed, Bobby ran up on stage, took the mic, and turned up! Before he took over the show, the Staten Island artist was chilling backstage at Revolution Bar and Music Hall catching […]

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[synopsis.] Hippie Sabotage Throws Down in New York City

The energy-filled duo, Hippie Sabotage brought great vibes to the NYC stop of their “Beautiful Beyond tour.” Supported by Colorado-based artist Sebastian Paul, they provided the ultimate display of stage presence. Their Terminal 5 performance was nothing short of beautiful. From the laid back chill vibes in their track, “Devil Eyes” to the stunning guitar […]

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[synopsis.] Yung Gravy Brings Life To Slim’s – San Fransisco

click here for the full photo recap. Slim’s – San Fransisco, California Yung Gravy brought some energy to the San Fransisco, California stop on his ‘Experience The Sensation’ tour with support from Young Lungs, Savage Realm, and bbno$. This was not Gravy’s first time at Slim’s. He spoke of the last time he was there regarding the […]

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[publication.] cozyfiles producer Collin Storke makes Complex

Collin Storke, associate media producer for cozyfiles, touches down on Complex.com. “16 New Artists To Look Out For in 2019” by Complex ” Connecticut artist Snowprah’s “Yank Riddim” feels like one of those hits that, even after six months, still hasn’t really clicked the way it could. The song is raw and a little discombobulated, […]

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am i happy?
will i ever be?
is that what i
am tirelessly chasing
day after day
we have one
become happy.
accomplish 'goals'.
when we do,
we still feel


empty. colton reschke. strophes. a collection. 3.
i've been so void.

in a world

littered with gold.

what is gold to you?
is it the wealth and prosperity

or the happiness and joyousness 

maybe even the...


...thought of going to sleep

with but a single thought on your mind

no labyrinths being transversed

at the wee hours of the night.

so we all say good night.

but what is a good night?

is it endless dreaming

or being so lucid you are transcieving 

with your inner self.

no wealth.

no health.

just pure , induced , fantasies.
cameron curtis. strophes. a collection. 2.
how come
it's when we're at our darkest
of dark
that we see the light
why is life?
why is lust?
why is love?
may we all bear the fruits
of what life has to offer
without allowing ourselves
to fall into such a deep hole
that we cannot scratch
out of.
cameron curtis. strophes. a collection. 1.